The Americas: Contact and Consequences

 Charles C. Mann • Edwidge Danticat • John C. Wingfield • Music of the Americas: A Panorama • Nell Irvin Painter • Jamil Abu-Wardeh and Dean Obeidallah 

Informative, entertaining and bristling with artistry and analysis, The College of Wooster is pleased to announce the 2011 Wooster Forum: The Americas: contact and consequences. From unique perspective shared by globally recognized scholars- to music, art and ethnic cuisine- please join us for an enlightening and enjoyable encounter with cultures and insight into the Americas, at The College of Wooster.

Charles C. Mann

Tuesday, Sept 20th

(7:30 pm, McGaw)


Charles C. Mann is an American journalist and author, as well  as a contributing editor for both Science and Atlantic Monthly.  His 2005 book, 1491: New Revelations of the Americas before Columbus, received the U.S. National Academy of Sciences’ Keck award for the best book of the year. The book analyzes recent historical findings in the Americas and suggests the sophistication of the region’s indigenous peoples. Additionally, he is a three-time National Magazine Award finalist, and he has received writing awards from the American Bar Association, as well as the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

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Edwidge Danticat

Tuesday, October 4th 

(7:30 pm, McGaw)

Edwidge Danticat is a Haitian-American author who studied French literature at Barnard College and later pursued her M.A. in creative writing from Brown University. Her 2007 novel, Brother, I’m dying, handles theme of universal suffrage. While her writing grows out of her experiences growing up in Haiti and moving to the US in her teens, she has a tremendous ability to capture more universal features of growing up and becoming an adult.  She reveals the transition from one generation to another, leading to a deeper realization of the circumstances that shaped her family’s history. She is a prolific author of ten books, and her second, Krik? Krak!,made her the youngest nominee ever for the National Book Award.

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John C. Wingfield

Tuesday, October 11th

 (7:30 pm, McGaw)

Dr. John C. Wingfield earned his Ph.D. in zoology and comparative endocrinology at the University College of North Wales, U.K. His research focuses on the environmental control of reproduction and associated cycles of behavior, migration, molting, and wintering strategies in American birds. He is particularly interested in how animals deal with global climate change, endocrine disruption, and conservation biology. He currently teaches in the College of Biological Sciences at the University of California Davis.

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Music of the Americas: A Panorama

Tuesday, November 1st 

(7:30 pm, McGaw)

Immerse yourself in music from across the Americas in a gala concert performed by Wooster ‘s music faculty, student ensembles and special guest artists.

Highlights include jazz with Afro-Cuban roots, Mexican marimba music, songs for soloist and guitar from South America, African-American spirituals, and symphonic music inspired by Native American culture.

Performances by:

  • Shadow Catcher- Jeff Lindberg and Wooster Orchestra
  • Latin Music – Carrie deLapp Culver & Jose Lezcano
  • Mexican Marimba – Tom Roblee and Percussion Ensemble
  • Songs from Negro Spiritual Tradition – Lisa Yozviak and Wooster Chorus
  • Afro-Cuban Jazz – Jeff Lindberg and Jazz Ensemble

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Nell Irvin Painter

Tuesday, November 8th

(7:30 pm, McGaw)

Dr. Nell Irvin Painter is the Edwards Professor of American History, Emeritus, at Princeton University. In addition to her earned doctorate in history from Harvard University, she has received honorary doctorates from Wesleyan, Dartmouth, SUNY-New Paltz, and Yale. A prolific writer, her most recent books are The History of White People and Creating Black Americans. In January 2008 she appeared live for a three-hour “In Depth” program on C-SPAN Book TV. She has also appeared on Bill Moyers’s “Progressive America.” Dr. Painter received her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2011.

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